Model HT-8 Cedar Hot Tub
Bi-level circular 6-seat structure; dual air controls
allow for individual adjustment of jet pressure.

The HT-8 western red cedar hot tub is ideal for up to 8 people. It holds 628 gallons of water. Filled, the hot tub weighs 5,750 lbs. You can heat it with wood, propane or electricity. By far the propane heater is the fastest, heating the water in just a couple of hours. The basic unit does not come with a heating system. All heaters are purchased separately. Our photo gallery has a variety of images of installed hot tubs.


Topside LED controls prevents auxiliary control options such as lights and jets from freezing and provide heating accuracy that is +/- one degree. Never worry about your hot tub when you're away with these controls!

  Detailed Specs Model HT-8 (Ideal For The DIY Enthusiast)
  • 8 Person capacity
  • Clear Western red cedar with bi-level seating
  • Stainless steal straps
  • Volume: 628 gallons
  • Full Weight: 5,750 lbs
  • Benches in hexagonal shape included (5)

  • Pad Base Dimension: 5' x 5' (6' x 10' 8" with Deluxe Wood Accessories)

  • Choice of 12 Cover Colors

  • All tubs come as modular kits and require onsite assembly

Advanced Heating System: These cedar hot tubs have the most advanced hot tub heating on the market today. Read About Them Here.
Model HT-8 Base Unit

Delivered Price $3,500

Step 2: Select Cover Color & Thickness

Step 3: Select Your Heating System

4. Select Options & Upgrades

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